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Alphabet Soup and Braille Muffins

This early literacy activity reinforces initial letter sounds in a fun and playful way for beginning braille readers.

If you have small children, you know that they love to imitate adults. This is a pretend lesson in which children can create and follow a recipe to make “Alphabet Soup” and “Braille Muffins”!  This activity reinforces initial letter sounds in a fun and playful way.

  • A set of alphabet letters: (magnetic letters, homemade letters on note cards or braille paper, or print out a set of letters like these FREE cards from
  • Braille alphabet (add APH Feel ‘n Peel Stickers to magnets or braille on the notecards or braille paper)
  • Soup pot
  • Bowl
  • Ladle or spoon
  • Cookie sheet or plate
  • Variety of objects found around the house
  • Extra cards/braille paper to write down the names of objects, if necessary

Materials for making Alphabet Soup

  1. Make braille letter cards or add Feel ‘n Peel Stickers to the magnetic letters.
  2. Put as many as you would like in your soup. You can pick four or five or all 26 letters, depending on your time constraints and student’s interest level.
  3. Write a recipe for “Alphabet Soup”, as in the example below:

    • Ingredients
    • r for rock
    • c for corn
    • q for quarter
    • x for x
    • Mix all the ingredients and serve it up hot in a bowl.

Braillewriter with recipe for Alphabet Soup

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Dump truck
Activity and strategy

Dump Truck Braille Drawing