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Activity and strategy

Beginning Books for Children with CVI

Create books for children with cortical visual impairment (CVI) using simple materials with limited complexity.

Children with CVI (Cortical/Cerebral  Visual Impairment) usually respond best to materials that are simple and not overly cluttered or visually complex. This book uses a single shape (stars) with slight variations in color, placement, and number.  The hope is that by reducing the complexity that children with CVI will look for a longer period of time and will show greater interest in books.


  • black construction paper to create pages of book
  • puff paint
  • shiny paper of different colors
  • spiral binding
  • scissors
  • glue


  • Before creating a book, observe how the child uses his or her vision, and determine which colors are preferred.
  • Place one star of the preferred color on the first page of the book and make each page slightly more complex, by changing the color of the star, changing where it appears on the page, and changing the number of stars shown.
  • Ask the child to point to the star and note whether or not he appears to be looking at it.
Red star on black paper
Red star on black paper
Gold star on black paper
Gold star on black paper
Two red stars on black paper
Two red stars on black paper
Two gold stars on black paper
Two gold stars on black paper


  • There are many variations that can be made, with different shapes, different numbers of items, different colors, etc.
  • As the student becomes familiar with this book, introduce slightly more complex books.
  • Add words in print and braille.
Collage of CVI books

The Love Bugs cover with the title and textured hearts.

Love Bugs Book

shiny fabric on a bar

A Little Breakthrough with this TVI’s Student Who has Complex Needs Including CVI

Red glitter liquid in a bottle

Sensory Shake-Up