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Activity and strategy

Block Braille

Create your own wooden braille cells with these DIY blocks!

The Block Braille Cells will help students enhance their braille literacy by practicing the creation and deconstruction of the different letters of the alphabet. This activity will ultimately support the students’ reading accuracy. This is a unique braille cell representation that the teacher can use with a student to make their understanding of alphabet letters concrete.

  • Wooden braille cell(s) (this depends if you are working on letters or whole words with your student)
  • Removable pieces (as needed)
  1. Familiarize the student with the materials.
  2. The teacher should name a letter and have the student try and create it using the removable pieces. As the student progresses into Grade 2 braille, the use of wooden braille cells may increase.
  3. The student can check and compare their answer to a brailled alphabet sheet.

The contrast at the bottom of the braille cells and the dowel rods sticking above the removable pieces makes this activity appropriate for all types of learners in the classroom.

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