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Braille and Tactile Book Adaptions

Tips to adapt books with braille and tactile materials for emerging readers

I love the books that have a sound button you can press associated with the text and picture.  For an emergent braille reader, these books are an easy and great way to provide accessible reading. First, I make and label the book in braille. Then, I pick a texture that is symbolic of the picture and glue it to the page and the corresponding button.

  • Braille adhesive labels
  • Various tactile materials such as; feathers, felt, scrapbook paper, APH texture paper, old clothing, sequins, etc.
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  1. Braille the print from the book on braille adhesive paper and add to book.
  2. Go through each page of the book and decide what texture you would like to use to highlight an element of the picture or text.
  3. Cut out texture to fit onto picture/page and also a small amount to be glued onto the sound button.
  4. Glue on all textures to pages and buttons.

tactile flamingotactile zebra


  • Read the book with the student and have them help you decide what textures to put on the book that makes sense to them.
  • After creating a tactile book, I go through it with the student to explain the textures used and why they are used. For example, I used sequins on the snake to represent his scaley skin.

Snake with scales

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