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Braille Bingo!

Braille Bingo is a fun way for students to practice contractions and other braille skills to promote braille literacy.

Braille Bingo will enhance your students’ word recognition and overall braille literacy skills. This is a simple bingo game that can be adapted based on the contractions your student is learning, or struggling with, and needs more practice.

The teacher fills the board with the pieces they want to use based on what is being taught and then the game is played like normal bingo. You call a contraction/symbol, the student searches for it, removes it from the board, and then you call another. The game can be completed when the student gets four in a row, diagonal, 4 corners, etc., as determined by the instructor. When the student gets “bingo” you can have them reread the pieces they’ve removed to solidify understanding.

  • Cardstock in various colors
  • APH braillable labels
  • Velcro dots
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Laminator
  • Piece of felt as a “board” for the removable pieces

Making the removable pieces:

  1. Choose the number of colors of cardstock you will need (depends how you want to group the contractions).
  2. Cut all cardstock into 1.5 inch squares (number of squares depends on the number of contractions).
  3. Cut a corner of the squares for easy recognition.
  4. Laminate all squares for durability and cut out of lamination.
  5. Place a velcro dot on the back of each removable piece.
  6. After contractions are brailled on the APH braillable labels, cut them out and peel off the back. Place them on the removable pieces based on their group/cardstock color.

Bingo board:

  1. Cut .5 inch strips of black cardstock (can be thicker if your student has residual vision).
  2. Glue the strips down to a piece of white cardstock to make even squares (as seen in picture).
  3. Laminate bingo board.
  4. Place the other halves of the velcro dots onto the bingo spaces.

Braille Bingo card

This activity could be further adapted by choosing the contractions or symbols based on your students needs. For emerging braille readers, you could also put textures on the removable pieces.

Color-coded braille bingo cards


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