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Braille Contraction Explanation

Tips for helping braille readers remember contractions

While working through the Building on Patterns 1st grade curriculum from APH, I’ve adapted the “New Reading Words” section in each of the lessons to help my student make sense of the contractions. Since she has some vision, I use it to help her to make sense of what she will be reading.  

For instance, in Going and Doing, Lesson 9 Day 2, the contractions Cover of Going and Doingfor “braille”, “first”, and “friend” are introduced…among others. I write out the word on buff colored paper, so the glare from the typical white paper won’t be present. Then I give her the marker to underline the letters that she just read in braille. We discuss those letters and she then gives me her theory about why those letters are used. By doing this, she is able to remember the contractions a bit more easily and I can hear her using that logic later when I am testing her on them.

braille contractions


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Activity and strategy

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