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Braille Designs for St. Patrick’s Day!

Promote braille literacy by designing a pot of gold and a 4-leaf clover in braille!

Pot of gold and gold coins

We hope you’ll enjoy these braille St. Patrick’s Day designs. This is a fun holiday project for braille users. The designs are a 4-leaf clover and a pot of gold. Enjoy!

Please note that a 4-leaf clover is NOT the same as a shamrock. If you would like to try a shamrock design, see these St. Patrick’s Day Braille Art Designs by Cynthia Dils.

Collage of St. Patrick's Day pot of gold braille design
Two craft flowers

Planting Rainbows

Young son touching his mom's face next to him while outside.

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United State flag

United States Flag Braille Art Design