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Activity and strategy

Braille Flashcards

Braille flashcards can be used to practice and review vocabulary words.

The use of flashcards is nothing new. I like to use them and put them on a ring for home or classroom use. I typically don’t put mine on a ring as I like to use them as cards in the card chart and the ring slows me down. I’ve also used them in games. In games, when it’s called for a card to be turned over, I’ll use the cards that I’ve brailled instead.
I divide the words up on the rings: literary numbers, alphabet contractions, color words, etc. Each has it’s own ring. I write in the corner in small print what is brailled on each card so someone who doesn’t know braille can still help my students.
I also like to use APH’s Card Chart Blank Cards 1-03540-00 as the flashcards. They are the perfect size. 90 cards come in a pack. They are also perfect for when I use the Building on Patterns 1st grade curriculum as the spelling words will be taught both spelled out and contracted. I can put them together on the card or not…depends on what my learning objectives are.
  • brailler
  • card chart blank cards
  • metal ring or way to hold the cards together
  • Review vocabulary words with your student
  • Ask the student to read the words on the card
  • This can be set up in a game format, where the student gets to keep the words that she reads correctly, but the teacher gets it if it’s not correct.
  • This can be played with more than one student, using print and braille.
Uno braille playing cards with large print
Activity and strategy

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Activity and strategy

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