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Braille Homework Sheets

Braille homework sheets help to reinforce skills at home, while building a student's confidence and carry-over between home and school.

I create homework sheets to go along with the braille reading homework I send home. The print sheet has both print and braille symbols on it so that if my student gets hung up reading the braille, the sheet can help the parent with identifying the braille symbol.  This particular example is from APH’s Building on Patterns Kindergarten Level, but similar review sheets can be made for students at any level.

The comment page is so that the parent can write notes about the homework back to me. This is very empowering for the parents and I get GREAT feedback from them. The comments improve over time from “doing great” to “reading more fluidly now” or “self corrected the underlined words in this line”.

  • braille review worksheets
  • print copy of braille worksheets
  1. Create review worksheets in braille to send home with your student for homework.
  2. Creat a print copy for the parents or other family members to use along with the student.

Any type of review sheet can be sent home for homework!  Students reading large print, or young students who are practicing finding a particular letter or contraction can be sent home. 

Braille Homework Sheets

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