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Activity and strategy

Braille Label Crayon Board

This practical strategy is designed to help braille users organize and keep track of crayons.

I have always struggled to keep braille labels on crayons. Even with the flat faces of the anti-roll crayons, those labels were always falling off and going missing! It was also difficult to fit the longer words and my student would have to go through every crayon, turning it correctly to read, just to find one color. This way the colors are consistently organized and the student is able to quickly and easily read the colors and select a crayon. As long as the student puts each crayon back when they are finished, this will work like a charm! Finally, no more braille labels all over the floor. I think I have a winner!

  • Personal size whiteboard
  • Box of crayons
  • Braille labels
  • Velcro
  • Super glue
  • Line up crayons so that they are evenly spaced on the whiteboard.
  • Add the velcro to both the board and the crayons. (I super glued the velcro to the crayons but not the board.) 
  • Make sure you really dig the velcro into the board so it is firmly secure.
  • Add your braille labels.

Next time I might make the velcro strip wrap around the crayon (like the crayon is wearing a vecro ring!) so they never fall off (although it is rare) and then I probably wouldn’t need the super glue. 

You can change out the braille labels as your student learns contractions. Doing this would correspond really well with the Patterns Kinder level “Color Me” book if you are using it.   Cover of Color Me

You could use puff paint to create raised separation lines in between each row (crayon and word pair) if your student is having a hard time because the crayons are close together.

I added the student’s name to the upper left hand corner.



collage with braille label crayon board


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