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Activity and strategy

Braille Sightword Search

This activity helps braille readers to practice new words and contractions.

This is a great way to review a contraction or vocabulary word introduced or one that the student is struggling with. After creating a worksheet on the computer and print it on either white braille paper or white cardstock, I then braille directly on the paper the words in both contracted and uncontracted form. I then use APH’s Tactile Graphics Kit to make the squares around the word tactile.
tactile graphics kit
By having the student color the square with the correct word in it, it allows the student extra practice with coloring inside a tactile image. Extra practice utilizing a writing implement is invaluable as well. The student also is provided an opportunity to do a systematic search in a grid for the word requested.
do sightword searchscreenshot from sightword search
sightword search collage


Jessica Hayes
Activity and strategy

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