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Braille Sudoku

Sudoku is a great way to work on problem solving, tactile discrimination, and self-determination skills. Braille Sudoku makes the game accessible to players who are blind or visually impaired.

I was so excited to find an accessible Sudoku board at Maxi Aids online, and I couldn’t wait to share it with one of my braille students.  Sudoku is a great way to work on problem solving, tactile discrimination, and self- determination skills. I knew my learner would love it! 

Sudoku is a puzzle where numbers 1-9 can be placed only once within a column, row, and square within a larger puzzle and is typically done with pen and paper. This accessible board has colored pieces on a peg board.  It comes with a book of puzzles and a key, so hundreds of new puzzles can be made.  

With students new to Sudoku, I fill in many of the numbers from the key as I build the puzzle, so they can learn the concept of the puzzle and gain confidence.  As they improve, I leave out more numbers to increase the challenge.

Sudoku is a game of patience, trial and error, and logical thinking.  I love to have this ready to go for unplanned down time in class or even partner games with a peer. I love finding accessible games to inspire my learners and families to seek options for accessible activities to have at home as the build options for recreation and leisure. 

Braille Sudoku

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