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Braille Word Search Puzzles

Braille word search puzzles are a great way to reinforce word recognition and practice braille literacy skills!

In the first grade curriculum Lesson 2 of Building on Patterns, there is an activity to do a word search based on the vocabulary words from that lesson. Since my student has some usable vision and has never done one before, we will do this first as a large print activity to learn how to do a word search and then we will do it in braille.

I will have her use the indicator dots to mark her answer on the brailled copy so if she makes an error, she can easily fix it without affecting the braille symbol.

You’ll also note that the brailled column is off for #10. I did this intentionally. One to see if she notices and two, to show her we all make mistakes and that this is okay. We learn from mistakes.

I really like this idea as I can use this for vocabulary words from her creative writing stories, vocabulary words, contractions, and the list can go on and on.

  • Print copy
  • Brailler
  • Braille Grid paper
  • Braille paper
  • Indicator dots
  • Pencil, pen, crayon (for marking answers on print copy
  • Example 1 and Answer Key


Braille word search

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