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Braille Teaching and Literacy cover sheet

Braille Teaching and Literacy: A Report for the European Blind Union and European Commission

This report on braille teaching and literacy discusses findings from a two-year project in Europe investigating braille teaching and literacy.
child's hands reading braille

Improving Braille Reading Fluency: The Bridge to Comprehension

Evidence-based research on braille fluency and braille literacy
VBraille interface for Hangman

BraillePlay: Educational Smartphone Games for Children Who Are Blind

Longitudinal research study about the use of smartphones to teach braille concepts
Cover of The Educator Braille Literacy issue

A Study of Braille Writing Skills Acquisition

Research study comparing the use of a braille writer and slate and stylus in acquisition of braille writing skills
Girl reading braille

Research on NRMA

Research on the National Reading Media Assessment (NRMA) for students who are blind or visually impaired
A boy reads braille

Touch and Learn: A Study of Visually Impaired Children and Tactile Graphics

Research report on use of tactile graphics by children who are blind or visually impaired
Slide from powerpoint presentation

Applying the Results of the ABC Braille Study to Real-Life Teaching: One Teacher's Interpretation

This presentation emphasizes the need for teachers of students with visual impairments to focus on the full range of reading processes when they are working with young braille readers.
A girl works on a braille worksheet while her teacher looks on.

Teaching Early Braille Literacy Skills within a Stimulus Equivalence Paradigm to Children with Degenerative Visual Impairments

Research study evaluating an instructive procedure for teaching early braille-reading skills with 4 school-aged children with degenerative visual impairments
A boy uses a braillewriter.

A review of the literature into effective practice in teaching literacy through braille

Literature review and examination of evidence-based good practice in the area of teaching literacy through braille.
Color graphic of experiment

Relating Braille Reading Difficulties to Developmental Dyslexia: First Empirical Evidence

This study aims to find out whether the correlational and causal pattern between temporal processing, speech perception, phonological processing and reading is the same both in print & braille readers
A teenage boy uses a Braille Note.

Instruction of Keyboarding Skills: A Whole Language Approach to Teaching Functional Literacy Skills to Students who are Blind and Have Additional Disabilities

This article describes an unconventional method to teach uncontracted braille reading and writing skills to students who are blind and have additional disabilities.
Boy with glasses writes on a Braille Note.

Research Study: Early Braille Education Vital

Research on the importance of early instruction for braille users
A girl reads a braille book.

Project SLATE: Framework for Braille Literacy Instruction

Project SLATE research study to explore the appropriate levels of instructional services to address the needs of students in braille literacy programs.
A boy with glasses writes on a Smart Brailler

The ABC Braille Study: Results and Implications for Teachers

The ABC Braille Study found that many elementary-aged braille readers fail to achieve grade level expectations in reading vocabulary & comprehension.