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Activity and strategy

Bubble Wrap Painting

This activity by an OT is a fun way to work on improving fine motor skills and handwriting.

There are many different elements to developing functional handwriting. While practice with paper and pencil is essential, using other mediums can help develop motor memory and create a positive sensory experience surrounding handwriting. Having kids create letters, words and doodles using finger paint in bubble wrap gives not only provides a kinesthetic feeling to writing, but gives feedback as to the physical boundaries of the letters. This would be a great activity for kids with low vision as well as those with multiple disabilities who may benefit from writing in a variety of different mediums. The activity is also just plain fun which helps promote engagement in handwriting!
  • Bubble wrap
  • Washable paint
  • Place bubble wrap in front of child on table
  • Splatter paint on bubble wrap
  • Allow child to draw, write and make shapes according to feel of bubble wrap!
  • Place bubble wrap on an easel to increase wrist extension 
  • Use different size bubble wrap for different texture/sensory experience and/or different sized letters 
  • Use shaving cream, hair gel or baby powder to provide a different sensory experience


Bubble wrap painting collage

Inspired by Mummy Musings and Mayhem.



Student wrtiing on an adapted handwriting paper with four lines and highlighted
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