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Activity and strategy

Build-a-Word: a Word Game for Beginning Braille Students

This activity helps young readers to build braille words making word families, as well as using suffixes and contractions.

For my beginning braille students, I like to create word games so that those letters when put together have more meaning to them. If they’ve heard a word in the classroom, we can see what that word looks like in our braille lesson.

You can create a folder word chart and then the letter cards in print and braille. I add print to it so I can send the activity home or leave it in the classroom. Leaving it in the classroom helps the student become a part of the activity.

build-a-word layout
Build-a-word layout
build-a-word layout
Build-a-word with the letter “s” added to “jog”

I also use this activity to learn about suffixes. It’s also fun to have the word spelled out with the contraction beside it…or under it. I have two folder word charts. One contains the letters and the other is empty so that we can use it. I have the folder word charts double sided, so we can flip it over and keep going without losing time to “clear it”. 

build-a-word collage


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Activity and strategy

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