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Activity and strategy

Caterpillar Activity

This activity is designed to reinforce an understanding of initial letter sounds in young readers with visual impairments.

This hands-on braille and early literacy activity is designed to help children with visual impairments to understand initial letter sounds.

  • Circles of card, or base and top covers from pack of CD’s (illustrated) 
  • Objects beginning with the letters of “Caterpillar”
  • Braille labels with object names (whole word and/or initial letter sounds)
  • Recordable pegs (optional) 


Various activities available within this simple resource to support the child’s individual braille lessons and make them fun and creative: 
  • Develop initial letter sounds 
  • Match the correct object to the correct letter sound 
  • Spelling the word ‘Caterpillar’ putting the letters in order 
  • Write a poem/story about a caterpillar 


cups containing a comb and a toy airplane for cups containing ring and padlock for

C for Comb, A for Aeroplane, T for Tape Measure, E for Envelope, R for Ring, P for Padlock, I for Insect, L for Lid, L for Label, A for Ant, R for Ribbon 
  • Make a number line- replace letters with numbers, add number words and numbers in digits, add appropriate number of objects to each box 
  • Add in the letter sounds on recordable pegs and clip to, or place in the box for the child to listen to. 
  • Add textures to the circles 
  • Make a fun collage head for the caterpillar 
  • Stick the caterpillar on the wall, curling and glueing its body into an arch 


the word









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