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Creating a Theme for Your Braille Classroom

Make your braille classroom more engaging by decorating with a theme! Students can help to select the theme and plan the decorations.

Here’s an update on how my braille room is decorated this school year. A student wanted to have a surfing theme this year. She came up with the two titles for the bulletin boards: “Braille Surfing” and “On the Braille Beach”.   The surf board one will be finished in a couple of weeks. I have miniature surf boards that I bought at a teacher supply store. She will write words that are motivating to her in print and then braille a label to put on them. The “On the Braille Beach” bulletin board will be where we hang their work for display. 
This year, I have a braille station in the room. I added a bookcase as well to help hold all of the materials that I seem to be adding to the room. The room is functional and fun for both the students and the teacher!
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classroom decorated for surfingclassroom decorated for surfing

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