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Activity and strategy

Easter Basket Fun

This hands-on Easter activity reinforces literacy skills for students with visual impairments by creating sentences in braille or large print to put in Easter baskets

All school year, my student has made cards for family and teachers. We’ve been learning about tactile graphics as we embellish the braille artwork. We’ve also learned a bit about how people feel when they receive cards…becoming sad when learning our O&M has never received a card from a student before! But we decided to do something different for Easter. Easter baskets will be made!


  • basket or pail
  • Easter grass
  • textured plastic Easter eggs
  • candy
  • Easter chicks
  • brailler
  • braille paper
Easter eggs in bucket
Easter eggs in bucket


  • Prepare sentence strips in braille done before hand using the contractions learned thus far appropriately.   Students can write the sentences as independently as possible, with the teacher or parent providing support, as necessary.
  • Sample sentences include, but are not limited to:

– Happy Easter!
– I love you!

  • Use a paper cutter or cutting board to cut strips after adding print to them. Children should participate in this part, as much as they are able to.
  • Assemble the baskets, using textured plastic eggs, Easter grass, and any other treats or materials you wish to include!
Easter basket collage

collage with

textured craft of eclipse with a sun and a moon that can cover the sun

The Incredible Edible Eclipse


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Four completed computer bugs

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