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Feely Meely: Game to Match Braille to Objects

Simple game for children who are blind or visually impaired to match braille or print word cards to objects

This activity is designed to motivate students to read simple braille or print word cards by matching a word card to an object.

  1. Cover a box with different textures, for additional interest and motivation.  Cut a hole in one end of the box for the student to reach in.
  2. Word cards in braille and/or print. (The word cards on this page have braille only, but many people prefer to have braille and print together.)
  3. Corresponding objects for each word card
This game can be played taking turns in a small group, or individually with the teacher.
Be sure that students are able to read the word cards and identify each of the objects before starting.
Braille word cards should have an indication of top/bottom, left/right orientation, such as cutting the right corner or placing a staple in the right corner, or a braille line at the top or bottom of the card.
Small toy pig with braille word card


  1. Give the student one card. 

  2. Ask the student to read the word (e.g. “pot”, “top”,  “pig”, etc.  Start with all short vowels, and change objects according to student’s level.

  3. Once the student has read the word correctly, have her reach inside the box and find the object that goes with the card.

Have the students reach in and find the object first and then select the correct word card from an array of two or three word cards.


Jessica Hayes
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