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File Folder Learning for the Blind and Visually Impaired

File folder activities are an impactful and compact way to work on necessary skills with students.

hundred chart with colored columns that fits in a file folder

As an itinerant teacher, materials are hard to travel with and store. Using file folder activities can be a great option for assessments, content, and vision goals. You can have both print and braille on these materials using braille cards and stickers.

The free file folder games online are a great place to start. The best option would be to start with basics so when assessing or doing FVA (Functional Vision Assessments) there are activities that include matching, scanning, and visual efficiency skills.

Self made file folder game for fraction

Make sure the activities are appropriate

When using premade file folder activities, make sure to meet the needs of our students who are blind or have a visual impairment, including CVI (cortical/cerebral visual impairment). Many premade activities have too many graphics, small print, and are visually confusing. Use simple, high contrast, uncluttered materials with removable items if you need to start with only a few.

The Dollar Tree carries Velcro tabs for only $1.25 a pack.

velcro tabs

Using black file folders and tabs help reduce glare and is a preferred background for many students.

black filefolders

Places to find free file folder activities

Be creative and make your own

Using sticky notes and high contrast contact paper is a great way to make your own fast and easy file folder activities. When adapting a complex worksheet, you can take a blank file folder and put the words, problems, or questions on a sticky note and students can then match, point to, or place the one of their choice. I have used this idea weekly in spelling and math.

They can also be utilized for braille vocabulary words, or new UEB contractions that you are working on. Have the student student try and match the contractions, or add texture if teaching braille.

place value for hundreds, tens, and ones file folder game

Ready to print file folders

Here are a few PDF files ready to print:

POP! Color Activity

The cover of a file folder game called Pop Color
Different colored paper popsicles within a black file folder. Each popsicle is divided into two pieces. Text "Matching colors file folder game"
Close up image of popsicles with text "Make both sections removable to reduce complexity of the amount to scan when starting out"

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File folder learning for the blind and visually impaired title with a photo of the circle fractions file folder game.
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