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Guide Dogs in Action Educational Series

Check out our Guide Dogs in Action educational series as a guide dog team makes a trip to the country store. Learn what challenges they’ll face and how the guide dog uses its skills to navigate a variety of situations along the way.

Guide dog

Skills Poster and Handout

This professionally designed poster and handout features five different images of a guide dog team in action. Each picture demonstrates a specific skill that a guide dog may use when safely guiding its blind handler (Print in landscape format).


PineTreeGuideDogUsers_ATripToTheCountryStore_ SkillsPoster_LettersizedDOWNLOAD

Supplemental Material

This four-page document provides a detailed overview of each of the five skills outlined in the Guide Dogs in Action Skills Poster and Handout. Highly recommended advanced reading for teachers and other presenters.

PineTreeGuideDogUsers_A TripToTheCountryStore_SupplementalMaterialDOWNLOAD

Person walking with a guide dog down steps of a store.

Skills Worksheet for Grades 2 – 3

This worksheet highlights three different guide dog skills and provides writing space for student participation in the classroom (Print in landscape format).


Lesson Plan for Grades 2 – 3

This lesson plan, created by a long-time puppy raiser and retired teacher, includes two 30-minute modules for the classroom. The plan is designed to complement the Guide Dogs in Action Educational series.

PineTreeGuideDogUsers_A TripToTheCountryStore_LessonPlanForGrades2-3DOWNLOAD

For More Information Go To: Pine Tree Guide Dog Users

Guide dog
PB crackers, peanut butter, and a plate in a 3 sectioned calendar/routine box.
Activity and strategy

Literacy, Snacking, and Learning

grocery shopping

ECC Family Project: Grocery Shopping for a Food Bank


ECC Family Project: Grocery Shopping for a Food Bank