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for students who are blind or visually impaired

How To Use This Site

This site is designed to be an interactive hub for information about literacy for children and youth who are blind or visually impaired,  and we hope that you will share your ideas and resources. We remind you that confidential information about students should not be posted here, and we invite you to review the Terms and Conditions of the site, if you have questions about how it is intended to be used.

There are a number of different ways that the site can be used and we invite you to explore!


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Choose the view that you prefer, selecting the color and size of the font, as well as the color of the background.

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For people using a screen reader or screen magnifier, we have included a link to "Main Menu" in the tabs across the top, so that you will be able to find the information quickly and efficiently.

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Content Areas

The site is divided into 12 content areas:List of content areas on this site

Areas in which to post

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Recent Posts

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The most recent posts in Strategies, Resources, Research, and Technology display at the top of the main page for each of the content areas.






Featured Media

Example of "Featured Media" block showing Lucia Hasty and "Teaching Tactile Graphics" video

Featured videos and audio files or podcasts appear in the various Content Areas.  In cases where there are multiple examples of media in a single section, these appear in random order at different times when the page is viewed.






Featured Question

 Example of Featured Question block, showing question "How to decide when it's time to introduce braille"


This block shows a different popular or significant question in each of the content areas.







What's on the Home Page?

Block showing slideshow with text about Math Literacy and photo of boy with glasses counting dollar bills

The slideshow includes a photo and short description of each of the 12 content areas. Click on the photo to go to the overview of each section, or on "Previous" or "Next" to see other content areas.


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    New posts of strategies, resources, and research display here from each of the content areas.



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    Share resources through Facebook or Twitter.  Use the RSS button to subscribe to one or more content areas and receive regular feeds to your computer or mobile device.



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    As readers pose questions to a forum in any content area, the new questions and responses will be posted in this block on the home page. 







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     Conferences and workshops related to literacy are posted here.









    Site Map

    At the bottom of each page is a link to the site map, which shows the contents of the full site.

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    Contact Us

    At the bottom of each page is a link that opens an email message, through which you can write to us.  Email us if you have questions or comments on the site.

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     Each page has a link at the bottom of the page that will return you to the the top of the page.

    Why register?

    Anyone is welcome to read and search the site, but in order to make a post or comment, you must register and sign in.  This is in order to be sure that real humans are making posts, and they are not generated by robots or spam.

    How can I sign up? 

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    To register, create an account with a user profile.  Read the Terms and Conditions, and fill out the accessible captcha, and then you are free to share your ideas, comments, and questions.  Once you have created an account, you can just log in.

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    Frequently asked questions:

    How can I add my own ideas or create a post?

    In order to create a post, you must register and sign in.

    How can I share information here with others?

    Use the email, Facebook or Twitter icons to share the information with others.

    What should I do if my file or image won't upload?

    Please contact us if you have difficulty with this.  It may be that the file or image you are trying to upload is too large or is not in a recognized format.

    Who can I contact for help or more information about the site?

    Email us if you have questions or comments on the site.

    What's the difference between comments and a post or submission to the forum?

    You can make comments at the bottom of any existing post.  Let us know if the idea worked for you or if you have suggestions or related information to share.

    How can I subscribe to a forum?

    Use the RSS feed to subscribe to any of the forums.  This will enable you to receive the most recent posts in any of the content areas directly on your own computer or mobile device.