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Activity and strategy

Initial Letter Sounds, Braille Contractions, and Numbers Drawers

This hands-on activity provides practice matching braille letters, contractions, and numbers to real objects

This activity uses braille cards to match to objects with the objective of reinforcing initial letter sounds, braille contractions, and numbers.

  • Set of drawers (from Hobbycraft, the Range, or any other Home base store) 
  • Printed sticky labels with letters/braille contractions and numbers for each drawer 
  • Objects to fit in each box 
  • Card labels to match the object to the label in braille/print 

close up image of boxes


  • Label each drawer with an initial letter sound or braille contraction.
  • Turn the box around and label the other end with a number. 
  • Find objects with each of the phonic or initial letter sounds and add to each drawer.
  • Make card labels with print/braille. 

How to use: 

Child can: 
  • tickets with text and braille on themPlace correct objects in each associated drawer to match initial letter or phonic.
  • Place correct number of objects in each associated drawer if turned around to use as a set of number drawers 
  • Find objects from around their environment to fill the drawers.
  • Sort objects from a large sorting box of objects and place accordingly in the correct drawer. 
  • Match word cards to appropriate object 



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