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Activity and strategy

Interactive Bulletin Board – October

A Speech Pathologist (SLP) shares an interactive Halloween activity for students who are blind or visually impaired, including those with multiple disabilities

This is another activity based on “The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything” by Linda Williams.  It is a pre-literacy activity using technology to build auditory, listening comprehension, sequencing, and vocabulary skills. It is intended for pre-readers with limited verbal skills.

  • iPad 
  • TapSequence Plus App
  • Green digital recorders from APH
  • Shoes, pants, shirt, gloves, hat, pumpkin head

To prepare activity:

  • Set up bulletin board with objects from the story
  • Record name of objects and the sound they made in the book on the digital recorders (“The shoes went stomp, stomp”). 
  • Record the story using TapSequence Plus, one page for each “tap” so a tap is like turning a page. 
  • Within the story, when a new piece of clothing or pumpkin head is introduced, make the next tap say “find the ________”


The activity in action!

  • Allow the kids to take turns tapping the iPad to read the story.  
  • When they come to the “find the ___________”, have them explore the bulletin board and find the item.
  • Let them check their answer by using the digital recorder
  • Allow the kids to record on digital recorders and match the recorder to the object on the bulletin board.
  • Have a scarecrow close by to show them the ending of the book.
  • Put digital recorders on clothes with velcro so they can be removed and kids can sequence the sounds.
  • Use Braille labels in place of recorders for readers.

Interactive Halloween Bulletin Board

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Activity and strategy

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