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Kindergarten Sight Word Summer Reading Books

Kindergarten sight word practice for braille readers can help students to retain skills over the long summer vacation!

School will be out soon…very soon. My student in Kindergarten has been making great strides in learning braille. He still struggles with reading some of the lowercase alphabet, but can braille all the letters on his Mountbatten. He is also able to self correct when he makes an error.
I don’t want him to lose what he’s gained. The books do not include capitalization (except for “I”), punctuation, nor contractions, as he hasn’t learned those yet. The story lines will not win any awards, but will provide him practice reading the words over the summer.
Kindergarten sight wordsKindergarten Sight Words
sight words

Kindergarten summer reading collage


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Games for Students with Visual Impairments

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A Braille Letter Song by Queensland Department of Education