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Activity and strategy

Lego Word Family Buildings

Activity for beginning braille and large print readers to practice word families

Lego Word Family Buildings are a great way to encourage a student to recognize patterns in words to increase fluency while reading. This activity will help students begin to read by grouping sets of letters within a word.
  • Legos Mega Blocks
  • a marker
  • clear laminate for the braille labels
  • During this activity the teacher should mix up and set out the blocks and encourage the student to put the blocks that rhyme together in the same stack building a word family. 
  • This activity can be played with all types of learners. The braille will accommodate some of the students with visual impairments, while the large print is great for students with low vision.
  • The teacher can allow the students to work independently, with a partner, or in guided practice.
word family buildings collage



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