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The Library and Timeless Stories: Using APH Materials to Extend a Story

These activities use APH materials to extend a story for students who are blind or visually impaired.

These activities use the original story The Library and Timeless Stories, along with materials from APH (American Printing House for the Blind) to extend it with related activities for students with visual impairments.

Goals and Objectives:

The student will:
  1. Demonstrate reading skills by reading out loud the appropriate reading-level story card.
  2. Show comprehension of the story as he tells or summarizes the story out loud with the use of the lite box and associated story demonstration materials.
  3. Recognize strategies for using the Calendar Set from APH.
  4. Compare tactual items from the Rigby PM Non-Fiction Books such as: Animal Bodies, Animals on my Street, and Frogs in the Pond to real objects.  The child will make a connection between “real” animals and “representational” ones. 
  5. Read That Terrible Awful Day and ask the child to write their own story discussing why their day was awful.  On the Way to Literacy: That Terrible, Awful Day
  6. Use the Draftsmen Kit and illustrate one detail from the story That Terrible Awful Day and their own. 
  7. Poems about Little Pig Shipley from Building on Patterns, the student will memorize stanzas from their favorite Little Pig Shipley poems. 
  8. Understand the needs of others with multiple disabilities and discuss strategies involving MIVI students into the community. 
  9. Use Tactile Town and role-play the sequence of how the children walked to the park.  For example, Pam lives on the last house on the row, Kim lives a few doors down and Sammy lives by the pond. 
  10. Recognize and read grade 2 Braille contractions while reading stories.
  11. Discuss various degrees of visual impairment and socializing strategies for people who are blind or visually impaired. 
  12. Take out the Flexible Rulers and Tactile Town (using the same set-up as the story details).  Measure the distance between Pam’s home and the library. Now measure the distance between Kim and the pond.


  • draftsman kitTactile Town: 3D O & M Kit
  • Mini-Lite Box
  • DRAFTSMAN Tactile Drawing Board
  • SAM: Symbols and Meaning Kit
  • Book Port Plus


SAM: Symbols and Meaning Kit


  1. The student will read aloud the story from the story box and answer comprehension questions like, “Why was Sammy included with the other children when they took a trip to the library?”
  2. Using the lite box and story pieces from The Library and Timeless Stories, the child will retell the story. The student will discuss character emotions and physical attributes of the story characters. 
  3. The student will set up Tactile Town and recall details from the story.  Ask the student questions such as: Where do Pam, Kim and Sammy live? Use the people from Tactile Town and demonstrate how the children walked to the library.  Who walked out of their house first, second and who was the third person invited?   
  4. boy and wolf bookTake out the smaller soft black board and ask your student to set up their own library. Where will they place the books?  Where are the tables?
  5. Use a slinky and place “real objects” from The Gingerbread Man while asking the child to feel the gingerbread placed in the slinky.   
  6. Read The Boy and the Wolf while the student tracks the story using proper braille or eye tracking techniques.
  7. Read poems from or other sources. Ask the student to select a favorite poem and explain why they like it.  Invite the student to tell about or write the meaning behind the poem. 
  8. Use the brightly colored yellow trays from the SAM kit and place one state from the United States puzzle into each tray while reading from the National Geographic Picture of Atlas of our 50 States. 
  9. After reading, “Little Pig Shipley”, discuss characteristics of Little Pig Shipley. Use the recipe cards and create a delicious recipe for Pigs in a Blanket. 
  10. book port plusAfter the student uses the Compass Rose from Tactile Town, ask him to direct someone using directions, north, south, east, and west to the library. 
  11. Read The Gingerbread Man.  Take the storybook characters with the lite box and create dialogue between the characters as the characters once again visit the library.  Demonstrate what Braille or Large Print quotation marks look like as the student feels the opening and closing of a quotation mark. 
  12. Download other favorite stories using the Book Port Plus (image right).

Library and Timeless Stories screenshot


library collage


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