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Activity and strategy

Making Inferences

Activity ideas to teach students with visual impairments to make inferences

  1. Students will examine specific themed physical items and make inferences about the activity they represent.
  2. Students will write a narrative or descriptive paragraph using the information provided by the activity.
  3. Students will utilize proper sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, and spelling.


  • Braille labeler
  • Large print labels
  • Various products that follow a theme (having a BBQ, someone has the flu, etc.)
  • Bag

If the items chosen for the activity are not easy to identify tactually, label the products. If the student is a braille reader, label the products with the label maker. If the student reads large print, place a white label with black print on the products.


  1. Gather items that someone would purchase prior to a special event or a situation. (Include other items that aren’t linked to the event or situation so they will have to sort the information before they make their determination.)
    • Examples:
      • Vacation: sun block, sunglasses, hat, towel
      • Flu: chicken soup, tissues, cold and flu medicine, orange juice
      • Baby: diaper, children books, toys, wipes
  2. Fill the bag with the materials and let the students inspect the contents of the bag.
  3. After they inspect the contents, ask the students what event or situation do they believe is happening or about to happen.
  4. Once the inference is made, have the students write a narrative or descriptive paragraph about the event/situation.


  • Small Trash Can: The students could infer what had happened based on what was found in the trash and write a narrative or descriptive paragraph based on their findings.
  • Stations: Each station has a bag filled with items, and students make inferences based on their findings. The students go from bag to bag and take notes about the contents. They can compare notes, discuss their findings with classmates, and share information orally. 
Collage of making inferences
tick-tack-toe game made of felt.

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