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Activity and strategy

O & M Travel Cards and Book

Collect items from the environment to reinforce beginning literacy skills during orientation and mobility lessons.

I started by creating “travel cards” for various things that my student encountered while on an Orientation and Mobility lesson outdoors.  As he found an item (such as the bark on a tree, gravel, etc.) we named it and found the matching card.  Once he was able to identify each of the items, we made “Let’s Go For A Walk”, which uses the same object identifiers in a book format.

  • cardboard
  • hot glue
  • items from the environment (tree bark, small stones, leaves, pieces of fence, etc.)
  • binding for book

CAUTION:   If gluing the chicken wire down, first flatten it so it doesn’t curve during the gluing process.   Use scissors to hold it down and to avoid burning the fingers.

  1. Explore the environment while walking outside.
  2. Name items that are encountered (tree bark, leaves on bush, grass, rocks, fence, etc.)
  3. Collect samples of these items with the students.
  4. Glue the samples onto “travel cards”.
  5. Create a book using the same objects or partial objects.

***  Be aware of glare with any lamination or plastic covers!

Let's take a walkLeaves







Small stonestree bark







  • Add braille and/or large print to the pages.
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