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Activity and strategy

Operation Teacher (and Nurse!) Appreciation

Showing appreciation for teachers and nurses is a great way to incorporate braille literacy and the Expanded Core Curriculum, while also building support among team members.

The Plan:

Write braille thank you notes for everyone on 2 campuses (students’ campus and SPED campus). The text was written by both students “Happy Teacher Appreciation Week! We love you! We appreciate all the work you do!”. The third grade student typed the text on the computer and assisted me as we transcribed the message and then embossed it. 
Both students used a paper cutter to to trim the messages. They then had to open a slider Ziploc bag, insert candy, and close the slider. The students then had to staple the bags to the message. Collaboration was great here as the OT came in and assisted on this step!
Teacher appreciation note in braille


Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
We love you!  We appreciate all the work you do!
Gabriel and Minnie
Using a paper cutterSelecting candy
Placing candy in the bagUsing a stapler
The day of “the big event” our speech therapist joined us to help our first grader with any communication needs he might have had. Every single employee on the school campus received a bag. From the janitor to teachers to cafeteria workers to administration…everyone received love. We borrowed a rolling cart from the library and wandered the entire campus spreading the love. One student would “work” one side of the hallway and the other student would take the other side. We did make one concession…each student would be allowed to do their own teachers and a favorite ancillary teacher. 
Teacher with arm around student while reading noteWe delivered to teachers in the hallway, at lunch, in their classrooms…wherever we could find them! We gave to subs and then would note who they were subbing for. At the end of the delivery, we went to the teacher mailboxes and left their gift in their mailbox. Delivery took longer than I had allotted for, as many staff members wanted hugs as well or for the students to read the message to them. Time well spent!
Since the delivery, I have received numerous emails to thank the students for their gift and to let them know how much they enjoyed the appreciation. The students have told me how they have been stopped in the hallway or in the cafeteria and been thanked again.
While it was a teacher appreciation activity, it was also a braille awareness one too. Showcasing my students and their abilities was a huge success! They are now seen in a more empowered light. 

Nurse Appreciation Day

This year for “Nurse Appreciation Day”, my first grade student and I thought about what we could do for the nurse. What we decided on was to create braille a document for her that tells her what a good nurse is. He came up with a nice little list and while the nurse loves getting the braille document, she loved giving the hug for it more!
Nurse appreciation letter


A good nurse

She gives me ice

She takes my tempter (temperature)

She calls my mom if I am sick

She hugs me

She makes first ade (aid) kits for the teachers

She is nice to me

I love her


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