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Reflecting on Instruction

Use this form to reflect on instruction after watching a video tape of yourself doing a lesson.

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We encourage you to video record your lesson periodically so you can reflect on the efficacy of your instructional strategies.  Though we always hope for perfection when delivering instruction for our student, frequently there are things that need to be adjusted in our instruction. This may be related to brilliant ideas that just didn’t work for a specific student or changes that the student has made since the lesson was originally planned.

It is very helpful to reflect on your teaching strategies and make necessary adjustments to your lesson. What did you do that was especially effective? What would you do differently the next time?

Use the chart that follows to make notes for yourself about the lesson you provided:

  1. When you review the video you have made of a lesson, note examples of the six essential components you observed.
  2. Reflect and note effective and ineffective strategies and ideas for improving your instruction.
Screenshot of six components reflection
Click on the image above to download the reflection sheet (PDF).
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