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Reflecting and Learning from a Weather Emergency

Following an unprecedented winter storm in Texas, a TVI follows up with discussion about this with her students.

Here in Texas, we are just recovering from an unprecedented winter storm that left millions without power across the state.  Many are under boil orders due to impact on the water system, and homes have suffered billions of dollars in damages.

While the experience is fresh on our minds, I am taking the opportunity this week to reflect with my middle school and high school learners about the steps we each had to take to prepare for the storm and address the emergency as it unfolded.  While parents may have been taking action in the moment, these learners may not have been able to visually observe or take in all of the steps required. It’s important that our learners with visual impairments full understand these key actions taken and how to replicate them if needed. 

I’ve created this Google form to share as a springboard for conversation with my learners.  I plan to discuss their responses and share key feedback with families for areas for learning and exploration. 

Screenshot of emergency preparedness survey

The questions on the survey include the following:

  1. Did your family prepare in any way before the storm? (outdoor faucets, plants, food, etc?)
  2. What kinds of things did your family do to prepare for the freezing temperatures inside your home?
  3. How did you help during the loss of power?
  4. If you lost power, what did your family do to stay warm? How did you help?
  5. How did your family check for pipe damage? If you had any, what did they do?
  6. What did you learn from this situation?
  7. What skills do you need to learn?

    1. Weatherizing the outside of a home
    2. Protecting pipes inside during freezing temperatures
    3. Lighting a fireplace
    4. Boiling Water
    5. Checking for water damage
    6. Turning off the water line
    7. Emergency food prep
    8. Asking for help when you need it

Collage of reflecting and learning from a weather emergency


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