Accessible Crossword Puzzle App

These crossword puzzles are accessible to students who are blind or visually impaired, using a screen reader or Voice Over. The content corresponds to all areas of the standard general curriculum for grades 5-12.

Constructed with universal design concepts, this Crossword Puzzle app from APH (American Printing House for the Blind) provides a platform on which to solve crossword puzzles for all.  The puzzles are fully accessible and can be navigated with a screen reader or VoiceOver.

The existing list of puzzles corresponds to academic content for 5th-12th grade, in US and World History, Science, Social Studies, Literature, Math, The Arts, and more. The dropdown list includes the following puzzles:

  • 5th Grade Time
  • 5th Grade Baby Animals (I and II)
  • 5th Grade Geometric Shapes
  • 5th Grade State Capitals (I and II)
  • 5th Grade U.S. Presidents
  • 5th Grade Women in History
  • 5th Grade World Languages (I and II)
  • 6th Grade Animal Life Cycles
  • 6th Grade World Holidays
  • 6th Grade Dance
  • 6th Grade Marine Life
  • 6th Grade Musical Instruments
  • 6th Grade Landmarks and Monuments
  • 6th Grade Pilgrims
  • 6th Grade Units of Measurement
  • 6th Grade World Currency
  • 7th Grade Classic Children’s Novels
  • 7th Grade The Declaration of Independence
  • 7th Grade Earth Day
  • 7th Grade Earthquakes
  • 7th Grade Music
  • 7th Grade Explorers
  • 7th Grade Nutrition
  • 7th Grade Physical Fitness
  • 7th Grade Volcanoes
  • 8th Grade The Theater
  • 8th Grade 20th Century Inventions
  • 8th Grade Endangered Species
  • 8th Grade Titanic
  • 8th Grade The Great Depression
  • 8th Grade Health
  • 8th Grade The Human Body
  • 8th Grade The Middle Ages
  • 8th Grade The Renaissance
  • 8th Grade Solar System
  • 8th Grade What are you afraid of?
  • 9th Grade Algebra
  • 9th Grade Baby Animals (I and II)
  • 9th Grade Geometric Shapes
  • 9th Grade Grammar
  • 9th Grade Literary Terms
  • 9th Grade Literary Characters
  • 9th Grade Mythology
  • 9th Grade The Revolutionary War
  • 9th Grade U.S. Presidents
  • 10th Grade Civil War
  • 10th Grade Geometry
  • 10th Grade Cooking
  • 10th Grade Space Exploration
  • 10th Grade Sports Heroes
  • 10th Grade The Stock Market
  • 10th Grade Teen Health
  • 10th Grade Social Media
  • 10th Grade Time
  • 10th Grade Women Novelists and Writers
  • 11th Grade 1960s
  • 11th Grade American Writers
  • 11th Grade The 1950s
  • 11th Grade Ancient Greek Theater
  • 11th Grade Famous Couples
  • 11th Grade Civil Rights Movement
  • 11th Grade World Currency
  • 11th Grade World Languages (I and II)
  • 12th Grade American Judicial System
  • 12th Grade Broadway Musicals
  • 12th Grade World Languages
  • 12th Grade College Majors
  • 12th Grade College Life
  • 12th Grade Human Brain
  • 12th Grade Our Solar System
  • 12th Grade Shakespearean Characters
  • 12th Grade Famous Artists
  • 12th Grade World Capitals (I and II)


Users can also create their own puzzles.

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