The Adventures of Abby Diamond: Hiding in Plain Sight

Abby Diamond is a fictional character who is in the 5th grade and just happens to be blind. She has lots of adventures and this is the 6th book in the series.

By Kristie Smith

Hiding in Plain Sight is the sixth book in The Adventures of Abby Diamond series. Once again, Abby and her best friends help solve mysteries while taking on current and bullies of the past. Will Abby, Neils, Jaxson, Alison, Glen, and Andrea stop the bullies while hiding in a secret room? Readers will be surprised when bullies from the past demonstrate how friendship changes everything.

Written by TVI Kristie Smith, this series follows the adventures of a smart girl who just happens to be blind.  Recommended for readers ages 9-12.  Some of the titles in “The Adventures of Abby Diamond” series are available through Bookshare.  The electronic file can be made available to anyone who wishes to make it accessible to braille readers.

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Cover of The Adventures of Abby Diamond:  Hiding in Plain Sight