Animal Book for Children with CVI

This book of Animals for Children with CVI was created by the mother of a child with cortical visual impairment using simple drawings in red, yellow or white on a black background.

This 62-page book was created by Erin Fulks, who is the mother of a daughter with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) who noticed a lack of books for children with CVI (cortical visual impairment).  The book features simple images of animals on a black background.  The animals appear in red, yellow, and white, with the name of the animal at the bottom of the page.  Animals pictured include an elephant, monkey, bear, horse, turtle, lion, cow, pig, rabbit, shark, duck, dog, cat, octopus, rhinoceros, bird, camel, and buck.

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Parents and teachers of children with CVI say:

“We have been using your ebooks since you sent them for the very first time and they are amazing. Sebastian is still struggling with his vision, his best is 2 seconds focus and that happens really rare.”

“I am enjoying the other books. Some of my kids do some sustained looking at the animals.”

Title page of Animals for Children with CVI


See Simple CVI-Friendly Videos

Erin has created a number of simple videos for children with CVI.  See her YouTube Channel.  Here are a few examples: