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AnimalWatch Vi: Building Graphics Literacy – Curriculum for Teachers

AnimalWatch Vi curriculum can be used by teachers to build graphics literacy and STEM skills with students who are blind or visually impaired.

Building STEM Skills Using AnimalWatch Products 

Do you have students at the 5th-8th grade math level who would benefit from increasing their math word problem solving skills and/or graphics literacy skills? If you said “yes” than come learn about how you can use AnimalWatch Vi Suite and AnimalWatch Vi: Building Graphics Literacy to support your students’ learning while they also gain environmental science knowledge. Both students who are tactile and print readers have much to learn to be efficient consumers of graphical information (e.g., bar graphs, maps, Venn diagrams) and the targeted approach introduced will prepare your students for success in STEM classes. 

Download the app from the App Store.

Download the AnimalVI Suite app for iPads from APH.

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