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AppleVis is a website for users of Mac computers and iOS devices who are blind or visually impaired, offering recommendations and interactive features

AppleVis is a community-powered website for users of Apple’s range of Mac computers, the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch who are blind or visually impaired. It offers recommendations for apps, and many interactive features.  There is also an AppleVis podcast.

Getting Started With Your First Mac, iOS Device Or Apple Watch

AppleVis has compiled a list of selected content from across the AppleVis website to help users get started and become familiar with the accessibility features of Apple products, including Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple Watch.

Also be sure to browse our iOS, Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV App Directories, in which you will find information submitted by our community on the accessibility of 1000s of applications.

If you are looking for iOS apps that have been developed specifically for blind or low vision users and which will help you in your daily life, you can find our list of these here.