Black easel construction highlighting a large, purple button.

CVI High Contrast Instructional Easel Template

Create this visually grounding easel for our students with CVI and low vision.

Jeanette Norman is a TVI (teacher of the visually impaired) who shares many of her creative ideas with other educators, students, and families. This was a simple, yet effective way to create a background for visual grounding for our students with low vision including brain based vision impairments.

Easel Template

This Easel Template is great for making tactile calendars, first/then boxes, vocabulary and using it for instructional purposes.

Print the template and cut out the cardstock. Once you get used to the pattern, you can easily do it without the template. The height of the easel is approximately 8.5 inches. Heavier paper or cardstock is needed to keep the easel standing.

Blue easel construction highlighting photosynthesis with a paper pumpkin and a sun above.

Find more of Jenette Norman’s work on TPT, many for low cost or free.

CVI High Contrast Instructional Easel Template title with a picture of 3 black easels and objects in each; plastic duck, plastic milk carton, and a button