Developers of Tactile Graphics Guidelines Win Award

BANA announces awards for developers of Tactile Graphics Guidelines and Standards.

BANA has announced that the developers of Tactile Graphics Guidelines and Standards have been honored with BANA’s Braille Excellence Award.  The international committee that developed the landmark publication Guidelines and Standards for Tactile Graphics, 2010 was recently honored with the Braille Excellence Award from the Braille Authority of North America (BANA). CBA-BANA Joint Tactile Graphics Committee, which was co-sponsored by the Canadian Braille Authority (CBA) and BANA, received the award on December 5 in Providence, Rhode Island, in a showcase session at the 2013 Getting in Touch with Literacy Conference.

The members of the CBA-BANA Joint Committee on Tactile Graphics honored with BANA’s Braille Excellence Award are:

  • Lucia Hasty, Colorado, USA
  • John McConnell, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Janet Milbury, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Irene Miller, Alberta, Canada
  • Allison O’Day, Minnesota, USA
  • Aquinas Pather, Ontario, Canada
  • Diane Spence, Texas, USA

The manual is available free of charge on the BANA website at

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