Digital Supplements to the TVI’s Guide to Teaching the ECC

These digital downloads from Teaching Students with Visual Impairments are designed to supplement the TVI's Guide to Teaching the ECC (Expanded Core Curriculum) for students who are blind, visually impaired or deafblind.

Many people are familiar with the wonderful website Teaching Students with Visual Impairments created by TVI Carmen Willings. We have had the privilege of reviewing many of these materials, and they are sure to be much appreciated resources for teachers in the field!  One great thing about digital downloads is that any time there is an update with new information or a correction, Carmen can send you the new file, so that you will have the most up-to-date information.

We recently published an article about Ms. Willing’s TVI’s Guide to Teaching the ECC and these resources are supplements to support teaching a range of activities related to the Expanded Core Curriculum.

Visual Efficiency & Magnifier Fluency Grab & Go ECC Supplements

Screenshot of Visual Efficiency title pageThis workbook is a pdf download that can be printed on demand for use with students. It contains five different types of worksheets for developing visual motor skills and near magnifier fluency skills particularly with the use of a video magnifier.  Available for purchase.

Thematic Keyboarding & Braille Fluency and Maintenance Worksheets

Thematic Keyboarding

This newly revised edition provides an easy means for copying and pasting into braille translation software programs such as Duxbury or APH’s Braille Blaster for embossing. Present the student with a hard braille copy and use the worksheets to document accuracy and fluency in reading braille.  Available for purchase.

 Thematic Vocabulary Cards and Checklists: Grab & Go ECC Supplement

Thematic Vocabulary Cards and Checklists: Grab & Go ECC Supplement

The Thematic Vocabulary Cards and Checklists Grab and Go ECC supplement is a 446 page pdf downloadable print on demand workbook that includes 2940 vocabulary card on 3 1/2″ x 2″ templates divided by each of the 32 Thematic Units along with a checklist of each unit words in print and simulated braille. As a companion to the TVI’s Guide to the ECC, the vocabulary cards correspond to the ECC Thematic activities presented in the curriculum guide.  Available for purchase.