Distance Consultation in O&M Synchronous Approaches

Presentation on distance consultation in Orientation and Mobility using synchronous approaches

By Sarah Moreau

This presentation explores strategies for distance consultation in Orientation & Mobility (O&M) services to children and adults in rural and remote areas.  Sarah Moreau, COMS, TSVI and CLVT, presents a case study for ethical synchronous distance consultation in rural Alaska. 

Learning objectives:

  • The participants will gain knowledge about distance consultation models to supplement  O&M services in rural and remote areas, including the use of synchronous and asynchronous technologies to connect clients/students with O&M Specialists
  • Participants will explore specific strategies used to provide synchronous O&M distance consultation as a part of a plan of service for clients in Alaska.   
  • Participants will discuss an ethical framework that can be used for choosing strategies that maximize the O&M instructor’s availability.
  • Interested participants will contribute ideas in a focus group that will contribute to the knowledge of current practices in distance consultation within the field of O&M. (scheduled after the webinar for interested participants)

View the powerpoint slides.

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