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You may already be using Pinterest to save and organize ideas as you move around the internet, but did you know that you can find us there too?   It is a visual bookmarking tool that allows you to discover and save creative ideas from around the internet. Pinterest is a kind of digital bulletin board that allows you to “pin” images from different webpages, which you can then organize onto different “boards”.  While this is often used as a visual type of social media, the descriptions make it accessible to people with visual impairments.

How Does Pinterest Work?

Our favorite thing about this is that Pinterest provides an easy way to organize ideas in a way that is easy to retrieve.  You know how you always find lots of great ideas as you surf the internet, but then can’t remember where you saw it or where you saved the link?  You may not want to bookmark each and every page you find, but you’d still like to save the things you find.  Pinterest is a visual bookmark that links you back to the original page, so that you can save ideas for later or find them when you need them again.

One thing that we think is really interesting is that more people find Paths to Literacy than through any other channel!  We know that teachers love Pinterest and we want to put the information and resources where you can easily find it.

Check Out Our Boards!

We have dozens of boards on a whole range of topics, from holiday ideas to UEB.  Some of our boards are shared with other people and organizations, and others are ours alone.  We hope you’ll take some time to explore!  Here are a few of our most popular boards:


Getting Started

Wondering how to get started?  This simple guide provides a basic overview.  You’ll need to create an account to begin saving pins, creating boards and following others.  It can be as simple or as complex as you like.

We have thousands of followers and we hope you’ll join us!