Activity and strategy

Donut Forget Your Valentines

Print and braille valentines to celebrate Valentine's Day!

By Hillary Kleck

“Donut” forget your braille and print Valentines this year! 

Download a PDF including a print only, “visual braille” only, and print & braille versions of the clever “Donut Forget You Are a Great Friend!” Valentines for kids created by

Print the Valentines on colorful cardstock, add braille and embellishments to make a fun card to touch!

Ideas for Decorating the Donut Graphic:

  • Glitter glue
  • Rhinestones
  • Foam Stickers for Sprinkles
  • Felt or Glitter Foam

You could also attach a package of mini donuts or a regular donut, or even a bag of donut holes!

Donut forget dual media image
Collage of Make your own Braille Valentines