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Draw2Measure Protractor App

Free accessible app to measure angles on an iPad or iPhone.

Draw2Measure Protractor App is a free new application from APH (American Printing House for the Blind), which allows students to measure angles in two ways.

  1. Students can place an angle over the screen of a device, such as a phone or tablet, and trace along the sides of the angle with a fingertip or stylus. The app records the locations of the sides and then calculates the angle.
  2. For objects that may not fit on a screen, students can find measurements by rotating the device itself, which utilizes a built-in gyroscope sensor to measure the angle.
Unlike traditional protractors, the Draw2Measure Protractor is accessible for students who are blind or who have low vision. It gives all students, both sighted and visually impaired, an alternative way to measure angles, thus meeting students’ diverse needs in math and science classrooms. Watch the short video below to see the app in action.


  • Enhanced accessibility; designed for sighted students as well as students with low vision or blindness
  • Allows students to measure angles by tracing the sides rather than reading measurements as with a traditional protractor
  • Reports angle measurements in both degrees and radians
  • Includes detailed instructions and a link to a demonstration video

Draw2Measure is a free app for iOS devices including iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.

Collage of Draw2Measure app