Ducking into UEB

Instructional program for teaching UEB (Unified English Braille)

Ducking into UEB is a curriculum by Anita Adkins and S.J. Wells designed to teach braille users the UEB (Unified English Braille) code.  The book assumes that students have mastered basic pre-braille skills, such as positional concepts (top, bottom, left, right, in, out, under, above), as well as basic tactile attributes (soft, hard, bumpy, smooth).

The book is divided into two parts: Part 1, Uncontracted Braille and  Part 2, Contracted Braille.  Each lesson contains a Pretest/Post Test, class discussion, and reading and writing exercises that can also be used as assessments. This series of sequential lessons and exercises are designed to help students to master UEB.

Table of Contents includes:

  • Comprehensive Pretest/Post Test
  • Part 1: Uncontracted Braille


    • Lesson 1: a, b, c, d
    • Lesson 2: e, g, k, l
    • Lesson 3: f, p, q, u
    • Lesson 4: Numerals 1-7, Numeric prefix, Capital, Period
    • Lesson 5: m, n, o
    • Lesson 6: i, s
    • Lesson 7: h, r
    • Lesson 8: j, t, 8, 9, 10
    • Lesson 9:  v, w, x, y, z
    • Lesson 10:  Punctuation
    • Lesson 11:  Typeform indicators
    • Lesson 12:  A bit about math
    • Lesson 13:  Reading and writing electronic addresses
  • Part 2:  Contracted Braille


    • Alphabetic wordsign rules
    • Groupsign rules
    • Rules for working with shortform words
    • Rules for initial-letter contractions
    • Rules for lower wordsigns
    • Rules for lower groupsigns
    • Rules for final letter groupsign
    • Rules for final letter contractions
    • Rules for contractions within electronic addresses

To Order “Ducking into UEB”

On Amazon, the teacher edition of “Ducking into UEB” is available. After purchasing the teacher edition, there is a code in the back. After you email that to the author (Anita Adkins), she will then email electronic files of the book, which are free. They include the student textbook in various formats, such as BRF, DXB, and TXT, and other files, Including song files. They are free after you purchase the print edition of the teacher book. Anyone who has a reading disability or who is blind, (who, in other words, cannot access the print edition) will receive a word version of the teacher edition, as long as they purchased the book.

Collage of ducking into UEB