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Early Tactile Learning Profile

This observational checklist can be used to assist in determining the need for additional evaluation and instruction in specific skill areas.

By Ann Adkins, Scott Baltisberger, Sara Kitchen, Debra Sewell, TSBVI Outreach

This 77-page document from Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (TSBVI) is designed to help develop a “Tactile Profile” for students with visual impairments who:

  • are chronologically and/or developmentally functioning between the ages of birth to 5 years old; and/or
  • have struggled with the acquisition of tactile skills/have not made expected progress; and/or
  • may be considered “non-traditional tactile learners” or “non-readers”.

It is available as a free download in PDF format with fillable blank spaces.


This instrument includes:

  • Early Tactile Learning Profile: Checklist – this chart provides a short description of each important tactile skill, “Answer” column, and a column for taking notes
  • Early Tactile Learning Profile: Evaluation Resources – this chart includes sources for student information, and suggested evaluation tools that will assist in answering each question
  • Early Tactile Learning Profile: Instructional Resources – this chart provides sources for general information, suggested activities, and guidance for creating appropriate activities
  • References – a list of all resources in the Early Tactile Learning Profile documents, including websites
  • Additional Resources – a document with suggestions of other important information on tactile learning for students with visual impairments including those with additional disabilities and/or deafblindness.