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Getting Started with Dolphin Easy Reader App

Dolphin Easy Reader App is a free accessible reading app for downloading digital books for students who are blind or visually impaired.

By Gregory Gerhart

Dolphin Easy Reader is a free accessible reading app designed for those with print disabilities such as dyslexia, low vision, and blindness. Based out of the United Kingdom, the Dolphin Software Company has focused on developing accessibility software with magnification and screen reading solutions. 

Easy Reader is available for both Android and IOS and optimized for use with accessibility tools such as Voiceover, Talkback and refreshable braille displays. Integration with Bookshare’s vast library of accessible books makes reading on any device even easier. Easy Reader app users can customize their print reading preferences such as text size, font, high contrast color schemes, line spacing, and more. 

What you’ll need: 

  • Android/IOS device
  • Google Account 
  • Bookshare Account 

Step 1: Log into Dolphin Easy Reader using your Google account

Screenshot of logging into Dolphin Easy Reader using your Google account

Step 2: Click on Side Menu icon located in the top left corner. Select Bookshare. Enter Bookshare username and password. 

Screenshot of setting up Dolphin Easy Reader with Bookshare

Step 3: Search and download your favorite book. Books are saved to My Books as an EPUB file.

Screenshot of searching for and downloading your favorite book.

Step 4: Go to My Books, open your book. Adjust Text Settings if necessary. 

Screenshot of going to


Screenshot of adjusting settings


Screenshot of book navigation


Final thoughts: 

As a teacher for the visually impaired, I have found that Dolphin Easy Reader has exceeded my expectations. Dolphin Easy Reader provides a lot of value at no cost. There are certainly other fantastic applications available such as Voice Dream Reader, but many of these apps cost around 20 dollars. Dolphin Easy Reader may be your most cost-effective way of getting accessible digital books into the hands of students with print disabilities. In my opinion, this application is a game-changer and a must-have download. 

Dolphin Easy Reader collage