Introduction to the Repair of the Perkins Brailler (video)

Video tutorials on the maintenance and repair of Perkins braillewriters can be helpful for anyone wondering how to repair a Perkins Brailler.

The Perkins Brailler Repair Videos on cleaning and oiling your brailler provide a step-by-step guide to the basic maintenance which may be required every few years.

Introduction to the history and repair of the Perkins Brailler (6 parts)

  • Introduction to Perkins Brailler Repair
  • Tools & Materials – Part 1
  • Disassemble the Brailler – Part 2
  • Cleaning the Brailler – Part 3
  • Lubricating the Brailler – Part 4
  • Check & Reassemble – Part 5



See the full list of the 6-part tutorial videos.

You may also be interested in the video of general maintenance.

Perkins Brailler DIY Level 1 – General Maintenance Guide