Looking Inside the Adaptive Brain of the Blind: CVI

Video presentation about CVI from a medical perspective

This video cast from NIH (National Institute of Health) is a presentation by Dr. Lotfi B. Merabet on neuroplasticity and visual impairment, with detailed information about ocular visual impairment and CVI (Cortical or Cerebral Visual Impairment).  He looks at the importance of visual functioning, rather than neuroimaging, in identifying CVI.


Within the setting of visual deprivation, the brain undergoes dramatic reorganization in both its structure and function. Furthermore, these neuroplastic changes are intimately related to compensatory sensory and perceptual behaviors observed in individuals who are blind. We will present how modern neuroimaging has helped reveal the relationship between the brain and behavior as it relates to blindness. We will also highlight differences between individuals who are visually impaired due to ocular causes as compared to those who have developmental damage to the visual cortex.

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